Services & Clinics

Minor Surgery

We are one of the two practices in Dacorum which are accredited to perform Extended Minor Surgery. All surgeries are performed under local anaesthesia.


We run an Asthma check on an annual basis for stable patients, and on a more frequent basis for patients who are unstable and not so well controlled. To arrange an asthma check, please book an appointment with the Practice Nurse. For educative information on Asthma and what you can do to help prevent frequent attacks go to


This clinic or service is managed by both the General Practitioners and the Practice Nurses.   If there is any thing you would like clarification on, please do book an appointment with the Practice Nurse or Doctor. The following link will give you extensive information on Diabetes, complications and  management


This is often described as a silent killer. Meticulous control of Blood Pressure is key. A leaflet on the management and lifestyle advice can be accessed from and


The essence of this clinic is to actively look for patients who are prone to having heart disease, modifying their life style, and also to prevent further attacks in patients who have already suffered one. Some of these modifiable factors are high cholesterol, smoking or excessive weight gain. More information is available from


This service is Midwife led, with support from General Practioners when required.

Please do contact the surgery immediately you are pregnant, so that we can refer you to the Midwife.

The clinic is usually held on Friday afternoon.

Well Woman

This is an important area of care. We provide contraceptive advice, pre-conception advice, cervical smears and will provide advice on any other issue that you might want to talk about your health.

Well Man

It is often said that men are reluctant to come to the surgery. This clinic creates opportunity to discuss men’s health issues in  a confidential environment .


We offer advice and immunisation to patients travelling abroad.  Please come and see us at least 8 weeks prior to your holiday to check that you are fully immunised for the area you plan to visit. Travel advice is also available from the Foreign Office website at